Consultants: Training with Jane Griesdorf

Jane Griesdorf M.A. is founder of The Writing Consultants, a firm specializing in Effective Writing training seminars for professionals. Her client base includes experts from every walk of life: lawyers, engineers, architects, accountants, and financial consultants.

At Ryerson Polytechnic University, Jane has taught communication courses in the Continuing Studies program. For the University of Toronto, she has taught writing courses for graduate engineers and was responsible for the Writing Across the Curriculum initiative in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering.

Here is what participants have to say about Jane's classes and instruction:

  • all topics very relevant, timely, and enlightening
  • challenging teaching, good group interaction
  • instant feedback and one-on-one attention
  • invaluable course materials
  • priceless warranty
  • terrific cookies
Jane has more than 25 years experience teaching writing, developing curricula, and editing professional materials in the business and academic worlds. "Literary Nites," the jewel of her wide portfolio, attracts a loyal following of people who wish to include a little esoterica in their lives!