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Core Courses

from The Writing Consultants

Effective Writing for Professionals    Grammar Booster
Report and Proposal Writing
Effective Writing for Professionals

Offered as a webinar and customized for your progressive work environment, this core course will give your staff the essential writing and communication skills to produce quality work for your organization.

Improve Your
  • Memos & Email 
  • Letters 
  • Proposals 
  • Reports 
  • Journal articles
  • Presentations and Speeches
Topic Highlights
  • Know your target audience 
  • Outline before writing 
  • Draft on a roll
  • Edit for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation 
  • "Defog" your writing
  • Write in clear, concise, jargon-free language 

This course is custom-designed for ten to 100 participants. Curriculum copies of WRITE THIS WAY: A Guide to Effective Writing are provided with the course.

Grammar Booster

Grammar can be fun! This is a "refresher" course for staff who wish to improve their proofreading and editing skills and gain confidence in their everyday use of the English language.  

Learn to
  • Identify the parts of speech and know how they work 
  • Recognize and correct sentence fragments, comma splices, and fused sentences 
  • Spot incorrect pronouns, faulty parallelism, dangling participles, and other grammar gremlins 
  • Use correct punctuation and all that "jazz" 
  • Learn how understanding grammar can lead to a more sophisticated style
Curriculum copies of WRITE THIS WAY: Grammar and Punctuation Booster are provided with the course. 
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Report and Proposal Writing

The Business Report or Proposal is the most tangible way for your clients to assess the value of your work. This course will help your staff design expert reports and winning proposals that are reader-oriented, well-structured, and concisely written. Ask for details!

Specialized Courses

Email & Brief Letters
Writing with Style
Private Coaching
Email & Brief Letters 

Email, brief letters, and other short messages form the backbone of office communication in the millennium. But all too frequently such correspondence is the source of ambiguity and misunderstanding. This course will teach both the novice and experienced writer how to structure and compose clear, concise, polite, short messages.

Learn to

  • Understand the psychology and etiquette of quick messaging
  • Adapt a friendly and personable tone
  • Pre-plan and draft for even the shortest note
  • Edit quickly but accurately
  • Use concise and accessible language
This webinar is offered for six to 100 participants. It includes curriculum copies of a specially designed module of WRITE THIS WAY: A Guide to Effective Writing.

Writing with Style & Pizzazz          return to top                                                                

Sophisticated writing begins at the sentence level! This is an advanced course designed to help professionals write with clarity and pizzazz. Conducted as a single writing workshop or a series of workshops, it will include writing and editing exercises that concentrate on the attributes of uncluttered, emphatic, and graceful style. 

Participants should submit a writing sample for evaluation prior to the course. Individual consultations with the instructor about work in progress will be welcomed. 

Private Executive Coaching 

The Writing Consultants' one-on-one executive tuition can give you the personalized attention you require! These private consultations, held at your convenience and based very specifically on the material you write, will teach you to articulate your professional expertise with confidence and to sell your ideas with aplomb.

Legal Writing

Legal Writing with Aplomb for Lawyers    Effective Writing for Legal Professionals

Legal Writing with Aplomb for Lawyers 

Lawyers in the millennium must be responsible from start to finish for their own writing tasks. No longer can they be certain that someone else will research, write, or edit important documents for them.

Learn how to write with power, precision, and pizzazz! This course will focus on upbeat writing suitable for today’s busy readers of the law. The hands-on session will include practical models, effective exercises, and editing pointers. Refresh and polish your writing style so that it becomes light, bright, and persuasive — writing that will allow you to present your ideas and your firm with aplomb!

Effective Writing for Paralegals, Law Clerks, and Support Staff

Do something special for your Legal Professionals! This course will teach the essentials of writing, proof-reading, and editing work from start to finish. It is a must course for the professional and personal development of your staff.

At least once a year, courses for Lawyers and Paralegals are offered through the Law Society of Ontario.