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This month's test is on Word Usage. Remember: Choosing the correct word is essential for clear communication. Take your score seriously!

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Osgoode Test

1. We produced a small (amount/number) of automobiles this year.

Osgoode Answers

2. There were even (fewer/less) (then/than) last year.
3. The serum had serious side (affects/effects).
Osgoode Test O
4. The talk was based on the (principal/principle) of virtual work.

5. This report discusses how the eruption (affected/effected) climate.

6. The film (complimented/complemented) the program well.

Osgoode Test

7. (Irregardless/Regardless), the word (alright/all right) does not exist.

8. His tie and shirt colours (infer/imply) that he is colourblind.
Osgoode Test

Osgoode Test
Osgoode Test Osgoode Test

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Consider Your Scores!

Perfect or 9 out of 10 :  Lucky you! Your grammar is in great shape. You can stop worrying about mechanics and focus on style.

7 or 8 out of 10:  That's a good score. See if a pattern exists in your errors and focus on these weak spots. Visit Links on my web page. Link to the Grammar OWLs (On-line Writing Labs), search for your particular problem, and try some of the exercises.

5 or 6 out of 10:  You might be in trouble! Again, see if there is a pattern to your errors, visit Links on my web page, and link to the Grammar OWLs (on-line writing labs). You should also consider buying a user-friendly grammar text and work your way through it slowly and systematically. Make sure the text has lots of exercises and an answer key. Or register for a seminar or on-line course with the Writing Consultants!

Below 5:  Take this low score seriously. Errors in grammar will ultimately involve errors in meaning or, at the very least, loss of clarity. Grammar errors in your speech reflect poorly on your presentation of self and detract from your personal excellence in your chosen field. Buy a grammar text and teach yourself the fundamentals of English grammar or register for a seminar or on-line course with the Writing Consultants.

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Be sure to visit the grammar links on the home page. Here is one of my favourites:

Purdue University Writing Lab great on-line help for grammar & other mechanics: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/